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Lecture notes and problem sets can be found here as soon as they become available. Please note that this material might be updated until the start of term where it is required.

Quantum Information Processing

The set text for this course, Quantum Information, Computation and Communication by Jones and Jaksch, was specifically designed for this course and provides everything you need.  You are strongly advised to read the Appendix before coming to the lectures, as all the material here will be assumed.  This should be purely revision of second year material.

There are no up to date lecture notes for this course, but the 2010-11 materials listed below include pdf copies of lecture notes which are broadly equivalent to the book.

You might also look at the slides from introductory lecture.  This lecture, which is no longer given, provides a brief broad overview of the course.

Introduction to Quantum Information

The exercises from the text book provide the main self study material, and all students should attempt all of these in private.  They can also be found in a single combined file.  Full worked answers to these exercises are also available. You are very strongly advised not to look at these until you have made a serious attempt at the exercises on your own!

In addition to the self-study exercises please attempt the three "past paper" questions listed at the end of the exercise sheet: Mock Q5, 2007 Q5 and 2008 Q5.  These should be handed in before the problem class for marking.

Quantum Computation

Once again the text book should be your principal source.  Note that the great majority of chapter 9 is off syllabus, but the material is not too challenging and you may find it useful. Colour pictures from the experimental section are also available.

Self-study exercises and answers are provided as usual.  Please attempt the past paper questions 2006 Q5, 2008 Q6 and 2010 Q6 and hand them in for the class in Hilary term.

Quantum Communication

Please attempt 2006 Q7, 2005 Q7, 2010 Q8 and 2009 Q8 for the class.

Revision Class

Please attempt the QIP questions (5-8) from the 2011 C2 paper.  Work should not be handed in but be brought to the class; any work handed in will not be marked.  Worked answers are now available.

Laser Science

(Including modern classical optics and non-linear optics)

Problem sets 1-3 (covers all three topics below).

Lecture notes for optics course

Lecture notes for lasers course

Notes for non-linear optics: N1, N2, N3

Powerpoint slides: N1, N2, N3

Revision Class

Your tutor should clarify plans, but the default question set is 2005 1: diffraction (optics), 2008 1: dispersion/waveguides (optics), 2007 3: Er fibre (lasers), 2005 3: CPA (lasers), 2005 2: QPM SHG (NLO), and 2010 2: cavities (optics). Work should not be handed in but be brought to the class; any work handed in will not be marked.

Unofficial worked answers to laser science questions from C2 2011: please note that these are a personal best guess at perfect answers and as such are provided as is with no guarantee of correctness.

Quantum Optics

This course will be closely based on the book Modern Foundations of Quantum Optics by Vlatko Vedral.  The recommended self-study exercises and answers are simply problem sets 3, 4 and 5 from this book; there are also two longer problems and two past paper questions, 2005 Q5 and 2008 Q8, which should be handed in for your class.

Past mock/exam papers

2010-2011 Materials

These are of only limited relevance to the 2012-13course; note that some parts of the 2010-11 notes go well beyond the current syallabus.

Lasers and Optics

Lecture notes

Problem sets

Quantum information processing

Lecture notes

Problem sets

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