Suggested Reading (updated for 2011-12)

This course assumes a good understanding of the material covered in the lasers part of the BIII paper and the Quantum Mechanics of the A3 paper. Physics and Philosophy students who have studied neither A2 nor BIII are likely to find the lasers and classical optics portion of the course (approximately 3/8) quite challenging, but should be fine with quantum information theory (4/8) and quantum optics (1/8).

Quantum Information

‘Quantum Information, Computation and Communication’, J. A. Jones and D. Jaksch (CUP in press)**
‘Quantum Computing: A Short Course from Theory to Experiment’, J. Stolze and D. Suter 2nd Ed. (Wiley 2008) *
‘Quantum Computer Science’, N. D. Mermin (CUP 2007)
‘Feynman Lectures on Computation’, Richard P. Feynman, Anthony J. G. Hey, Robin W. Allen (Penguin 1999)

Laser Science and Modern Optics

‘Lasers and Electro-Optics: Fundamentals and Engineering’, C. C. Davies (CUP 1996)**
‘Laser Physics’ S. Hooker and C. Webb (OUP 2010)*
‘Modern Classical Optics’, G. Brooker (OUP 2003)*
‘Laser Electronics’, J. T. Verdeyen, (Prentice-Hall, 3rd ed. 1995)
‘Quantum Electronics’, A. Yariv, (Wiley, 3rd ed. 1989)
‘Optical Electronics in Modern Communications’, A. Yariv (OUP 1997)
‘Fundamentals of Photonics’, B. E. A. Saleh & M. C. Tech (Wiley 1991)
‘Principles of Lasers,’ O. Svelto (Springer 2010)

Quantum Optics

‘Modern Foundations of Quantum Optics’, V. Vedral (Imperial College Press 2001)**


[As usual ** indicates a core course text while * indicates highly recommended subsidiary text.]


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