Classes for 2011-12

Classes for 2011-12 will be arranged quite differently from 2010-11 and previous years.  This year we will teach in four class groups each containing 7 or 8 people.  Each group will have two class tutors, one for lasers/optics and one for quantum information processing; quantum optics may be taught by either the lasers/optics or the QIP tutor as convenient.

Class Lasers/Optics Quantum Information Quantum Optics
A Laura Corner Dieter Jaksch Dieter Jaksch
B Chris Foot Dieter Jaksch Dieter Jaksch
C Joshua Nunn Jonathan Jones Joshua Nunn
D Joshua Nunn Vlatko Vedral Joshua Nunn

Class tutors will make their own detailed arrangements for class times and places.  Details will follow in due course, but we expect to follow the broad plan indicated below. 

Week Topic
M3 QIP 1
M5 L/O 1
M7 L/O 2
H1 L/O 3
H3 QIP 2
T3 QIP 3
T4 L/O (revision)
T5 QIP (revision)

Assignments to classes are now finalised.

Class College Name
A Balliol Felle, Martin
QIP: DJ Balliol Hobson, Richard
LON: LC Exeter de Bourcy, Charles
QO: DJ Exeter Emambokus, Muhammad
  Exeter Husain, Sami
  Exeter Myers, Benjamin
  Exeter Schroeder, Christian
  Hertford Coppack, Simon
B Hertford Bavcic, Mak
QIP: DJ Hertford Phillips, Joe
LON: CF Hertford Wright, Samuel
QO: DJ Keble Hare, Hannah
  Keble Kahlon, Jaskaran
  Keble Rickett, Benjamin
  LMH She, Alan
  LMH Zhou, Zhaokun
C Merton Fu, Wing Chun
QIP: JJ Merton Sanmugarajah, Sentooran
LON: JN (LC in HT) Merton Smith, Jackson
QO: JN Oriel Stockhill, Robert
  Queens Blake, Samuel
  St Annes Poole, Stephen
  St Annes Wilman, Christopher
D St Catz Aslanyan, Valentin
QIP: VV SEH Thomas, Owen
LON: JN (CF in HT) St Johns Sykes, John
QO: JN St Johns Moore, Alexander
  St Peters Yudin, Alexander
  Worcester Stubley, Paul
  Worcester Cuthbert, Andrew
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